Welcome to Clean Land Capital

We partner with wind & solar landowners to turn long-term
leases into up-front payments

Our Process

Step 1. Request Preliminary Offer

Request a preliminary offer using the below form to receive a free evaluation of your land. Even if you are not interested in selling, our bespoke valuation methodology will help you understand your asset’s market value. If the preliminary offer is compelling, we will pair you with one of our acquisition experts to shepherd you through the process of receiving a final offer.

Step 2. Provide Supporting Documentation

In order to generate a final offer, we will request a few pieces of supporting documentation including, but not limited to, your lease and recent lease payment statements

Step 3. Review and Discuss Final Offer

Based on the supporting documentation, we will provide a final offer for your land. Your acquisition expert will be available to provide a comprehensive explanation of the offer terms and answer any questions you may have.

Step 4. Accept Offer and Receive Funds

If you accept the offer, we will provide closing documents to be signed and notarized. Once we receive the executed documents, we will wire the funds to your bank account.